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Learn how Panther is helping a young startup pursue its dream of growing a global team.

The Team
April 19, 2021

Employing talent everywhere without the constraints of physical borders and bureaucratic limitations is becoming, more and more, a reality to hundreds of companies. And that's because of the work that Panther is so proud to put in towards the democratization and empowerment of true talent, wherever it might be.

Dwelling is one of the companies we're more than happy to help grow a powerhouse global team.

Hiring the best people abroad without going bankrupt.

Dwelling is only one year old, but Craig Hunter, co-founder and CEO of Dwelling, knew from the start that to get the best team, he'd have to extend his search for top talent beyond Canada.

After three months of searching, Dwelling found someone who fit the job description to a tee. But now they had to face the complexity that most companies face when they go the traditional way: how do we hire someone abroad?

Once their lawyers investigated how to make that happen, Dwelling was told that they'd have to pay at least $70,000 just to set things up. For one country only. It was a no-go. But without an infrastructure that would guarantee local compliance, they couldn't hire anyone abroad as an employee. That's when Panther came into place.

"I wanted to have a team of fantastic people who are truly skilled. And after learning from our lawyers how much it would cost, I felt this was the perfect moment to sign with an Employer of Record (EOR)."

Craig spoke with Matt, our CEO, and from that point on Dwelling knew they had every chance and more to grow an international team, just like they always wanted.

The importance of being startup-friendly.

We're a fully remote and global team at Panther. So we knew first-hand what it took to make sure our team overseas had no employment issues. In building our infrastructure, we wanted to help out everyone — from big companies to the little guys — as long as they wanted to reap the benefits of having a talent-first team.

"Panther being startup-friendly tipped the scale in their favor too, besides service and costs. We don't feel like we're put in the backlog and that transparency and care we get from Panther is important to us," said Craig.

One of a kind experience for both companies and employees

Dwelling won't ever have to worry about laws, compliance, or payroll complexities with Panther on its side. And they don't have to spend big when employing abroad either. That's a massive weight to keep from a young startup's shoulders when everything makes it or breaks it at these early stages. With Panther, they have access to a global infrastructure that gives them bulletproof compliance and payroll with leading technology to back it up. It's more than service—it's total peace of mind.

About Dwelling

Craig Hunter, Co-founder and CEO at Dwelling

Dwelling makes your home purchasing process, from saver to happy homeowner, a lot more human, transparent, and fully digital. They understand that making the largest purchase of someone's life is overwhelming and tricky. That's why they use data-driven insights that give people the superpowers to buy a house like a pro.

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