Understanding and fixing the skills gap through remote employment

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When you hire remote employees, you have a greater chance at fixing your company's skills gap. We show you how to achieve that.

Marissa Taffer
May 6, 2021

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If you own or run a business, finding and retaining great employees might be one of the things that keeps you up at night. This is probably for good reason as a study conducted by CB insights found that not having the right team was the third most common reason as to why startups fail. Even if your business is beyond the startup phase, talent should be a priority. So how do you ensure you have the right people to move your business forward? The answer is simple, hire remote workers! 

Understand the skills you need 

In order to be able to hire the right remote talent, you need to first understand what skills you are looking for. Look at the open roles, or jobs you will need to post in the next few months. You will be able to fill these roles more quickly if you have a steady pipeline of talented candidates. What are the skills and educational requirements of the roles and where can you find people who have them? If you can’t find them locally, expanding your search more globally will help you close any identified skills gaps. 

For example, if your company is based in a rural area outside of Prague where most of the residents work in jobs like education, agriculture and construction but you have an healthcare technology company, you might have a hard time finding people with the skills for web and app development, QA or even things like sales and marketing.

If you are based in a booming technology hub like silicon valley, but you are a bootstrapped startup, you might need to find more entry level employees like junior developers in places that are tech savvy like Costa Rica or Medellin where the cost of living is considerably lower as many entry level employees won’t be able to afford to live in or near silicon valley and a lengthy commute might not give new hires the best quality of live or the work life balance they are seeking. 

While these two examples might be more extreme, think about your business and goals and make a list of the skills you will need to achieve what you want. You might just be looking for one or two people or building out an entire remote business function or team.

Learn to source remote candidates 

Once you have identified the skills you need, you will want to work on creating your job posting. The posting should ‘sell’ your role to potential candidates. This is especially important when you are hiring for roles that are in demand. When jobs are plentiful, employees can be pickier about where and who they work with. 

Engineering talent platform Terminal recently surveyed 1100 engineers to get their thoughts on  remote work, the tech talent shortage and the future of work post-pandemic. They found that 30% of those they interviewed want to stay remote 100% of the time. They shared that they value remote benefits like no commute, more autonomy and better work life balance as reasons why they prefer remote work over working in an office full time. Promoting a fully remote opportunity to people in these groups will help you find more talented engineers. 

Some things that can help you attract the best remote workers include: 

  1. Build a strong brand online 

One of the first things remote job seekers will do is look at your website and social media presence. By having a strong and engaging brand, you will increase the chances that remote employees will want to work with you. Since you can’t always physically bring these folks into your offices, having a strong online brand will help remote candidates understand what it's like to work for your company and why they should want to. 

  1. Include employee testimonials on your careers page 

While you can create a beautiful careers page, potential employees may prefer to hear from their peers. Including testimonials from a variety of employees can support your claim that your company is a great place to work remotely. Use photos and attribute the testimonials by adding the person’s role, tenure with the company and geographic location. 

  1. Post your job in places where remote workers are looking

When it comes to recruiting the best remote talent, research the best job sites for the type of role you’re hiring. Ensure that the posting is clear that the role is remote. Sites like FlexJobs, We Work Remotely and RemoteWoman are great places to post open roles. 

  1. Offer remote benefits

In especially competitive industries or for roles like highly specialized engineering roles, candidates may have their pick of top employers. One way to help attract the best global talent is to provide benefits that support remote work. These could include reimbursement for setting up a home workspace, paying for utilities like the internet, or even deliveries of coffee or snacks for the home office!   

Making a hire (legally)

When you find the right person to hire for your role, you may be tempted to make them a contractor so you can avoid complicated legal and financial processes required to allow them to work for you remotely. This would mean that these talented team members would lose out on some of the benefits of full time employment. 

To avoid this situation, work with Panther to hire remote team members. As an Employer of Record (EOR), Panther can handle all of the local compliance, payroll, and tax details for you, in over 160 countries. This way you can focus on the most important things like attracting and retaining the best global talent in the world. Schedule a demo to meet with a member of our team and learn how easy and simple it is to grow a global, remote team.

Hiring in new countries normally takes a long time and costs lots of money. Not with Panther.

Hiring contractors in new countries normally requires weeks of legal paperwork and research on local compliance laws. With Panther, hiring contractors in 150+ countries just takes a couple of clicks.

By automating the contracting and invoicing process, Panther lets you manage a global team of contractors all from one place. It’s the smartest way to hire and manage contractors in 1 or 100 countries.

You can get started on Panther in less than 30 seconds: Sign up here and start hiring contractors for $0.

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