We’ve raised $2.5M to help businesses hire and pay employees in 160+ countries

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Panther raised $2.5 million in investment during our recent seed funding round to help more businesses hire and pay global employees.

Matt Redler
June 2, 2021

Photo by Jason Leung on Unsplash

We’re thrilled to announce that we’ve raised $2.5 million in investment during our recent seed funding round with participation from Eric Ries, Tribe Capital, and Carta Ventures. This comes after an investment of $1.7M from Silicon Valley execs in 4Q 2020, just four months into Panther’s launch.

We’re grateful to our investors who believe in our mission to help businesses hire more international talent and provide world class payroll and compliance support for them. 

Breaking borders in pursuit of talent

Matt and Vasil, two friends from Florida and Macedonia, founded Panther in 2020 to help companies who are building remote teams reduce the time needed to hire someone abroad, while staying compliant, and reducing the costs of onboarding.

In mid-2020, companies were faced with the challenge of managing multiple legal entities and local laws if they wanted to work with remote talent. Distributed work is now becoming accepted at all business levels as companies are looking to create more remote teams, spanning across multiple time zones and cultures

We’ve built Panther as a platform that can help businesses handle their global employment operations and administrative duties from one place, including wage payments, employee benefits, and labor law compliance.

"Breaking borders and putting talent at the forefront of our efforts, regardless of where they are, was crucial to Panther's growth. Now, thanks to our global workforce hiring solution, other companies can have the same unbridled access to the world's talent pool. After an unprecedented year of remote work for many, we hope companies will be more inclined to tap into the extraordinary talent that's out there in the world, regardless of their proximity to HQ." - Matt Redler, Founder and CEO, Panther

So what’s next for Panther? 

Joining Amazon Web Services Activate Console

We’re also proud to announce that our services have been featured in Amazon Web Services (AWS) Activate Console. This will help us provide support for international hiring and payroll to startups enrolled in the Activate program

Around 30.000 Activate startups will receive special Panther deals empowering them to avoid the  paperwork and hurdles of hiring globally. The Activate console also gives you access to other tools that will help you run your business through its entire lifecycle, from Team Collaboration to Accounting and Finance

We’re offering our own Payroll and HR tech within a single platform to automate compliance and global payroll for remote international teams

“After a crazy 2020, we're more than excited to help Activate Startups tap into the extraordinary talent that's out there in the world. There are incredible people and remarkable things happening way beyond our neighborhoods. And for the first time in human history, it's possible to work virtually from anywhere on the planet. In making the world a ‘talent backyard’ for companies, we're democratizing the way they hire and grow their teams, but we're also creating access to opportunities for people in general.” - Matt Redler, Founder and CEO, Panther

Helping more companies hire remote, world-class talent 

By using the Panther global employment platform, we’re allowing businesses to focus on their people rather than administrative hurdles. We put these complex operational tasks on auto-pilot. 

This lets you skip through the bureaucracy and handle administrative matters in minutes. You’ll also no longer need to set up a subsidiary in another country which could cost you over $80,000/country. Panther handles this for just $399/employee/month, no matter the country, managing local entities on your behalf and automating payments to insurers and tax institutions.

Making local law compliance easy, no matter where you’re hiring

With Panther, we’re prioritizing compliance with local laws for all taxes, employee benefits, and more at a reasonable cost. Taking the compliance troubles away, you’ll be working with talented global teams, regardless of where they live, and center your attention on keeping them engaged and happy at work.

Some things you can expect from Panther over the next few months:

  • We’re steadily growing our team [Yes, we’re hiring!]
  • We’re growing our partnerships program.
  • We’re currently working on the Contractor platform.

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This is what Panther is all about: letting companies cut through the red tape as they focus on keeping their employees happy to live and work from wherever they want. We’re only one year in now but already working on making every aspect of remote work a seamless experience, by automating local compliance, taxes and remote payroll, while still making sure global teams get the benefits, protection and perks they deserve.

More than ever, we’re motivated to provide talented people around the world access to opportunities they otherwise wouldn’t have, and to help companies positively impact local communities through remote hiring.

Thank you once again to everyone who’s been supporting our vision and has put their trust in us! From partners, mentors, to our incredible team. We are proud to have you by our side.

Hiring in new countries normally takes a long time and costs lots of money. Not with Panther.

Hiring contractors in new countries normally requires weeks of legal paperwork and research on local compliance laws. With Panther, hiring contractors in 150+ countries just takes a couple of clicks.

By automating the contracting and invoicing process, Panther lets you manage a global team of contractors all from one place. It’s the smartest way to hire and manage contractors in 1 or 100 countries.

You can get started on Panther in less than 30 seconds: Sign up here and start hiring contractors for $0.

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