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We just did a Godzilla-sized overhaul of our branding at Panther. We’re proud of it. So along with that overhaul, I want to take a few words to explain what we see in the future of work––and how we’re all going to get there.

Matt Redler
July 6, 2021

Hey there. Matt here. 

We just did a Godzilla-sized overhaul of our branding at Panther. We’re proud of it. So along with that overhaul, I want to take a few words to explain what we see in the future of work––and how we’re all going to get there.

Below, you’ll find the story of what we’re building at Panther. The past, the present, and the future. I promise to keep it short. Shall we?

Everything started with a single realization

This isn’t War and Peace–– it’s a simple story, and everything begins with one idea:

You should be able to hire the best talent. Anyone you want to hire. 

And that’s coupled with another fact: The most skilled people live in every single country in the world. Not just in your city or country.

When you search for talent, it quickly becomes obvious that the best talent doesn’t always live within your borders––but what’s not obvious is how you’re supposed to hire that talent. So, we started Panther because we wanted to make hiring anyone in the world as easy as buttering toast.

It used to be expensive: The cost of hiring just a single person abroad can be more than $80,000 and take at least 6 months. Plus, it means you now have to stay on top of payroll compliance laws in a new country (which are probably much different than in your own).

We made it easy: We built a structure that let us live our principles of hiring the best talent, anywhere in the world. Panther lets businesses hire people nearly anywhere in just a couple of clicks.

With this tool in hand, we worked throughout 2020 to grow our business. And it grew.

As we grew, we spoke to hundreds of organizations. We were stunned to learn how many, both big and small, all faced the same problem. And more surprisingly, how many of them felt the problem was almost impossible to deal with. This is what we kept hearing:

  • The global labor market is evolving.
  • Organizations that don’t adapt to this will be left in the dust.
  • Hiring abroad is no longer about just price, it’s about perspective. Global businesses need global talent to grow effectively.

Almost everyone we talked to recognized that these were problems. But they didn’t know what to do about it.

Of course, there are solutions: Some companies offer a band-aid solution by helping organizations meet regulatory requirements. But that’s not the core problem. What organizations needed was a partner who could help them navigate this from beginning to end––someone who’d help them take advantage of the new world that’s being built.

We’re here to help accomplish that mission. We’re not here to simply help the small percentage of people who already recognize that the best talent is global. Instead, we want to educate and inspire the tens of thousands of employers and millions of talented people everywhere. We want them to have the tools to work together, grow together, and to build a better world in the process.

That’s why we’ve rebuilt our own brand from the ground up. To reflect both the evolution of our ambition, and the organization we’re building, to test our theories about how everyone’s work can be better.

What we’re doing now

The new branding is sexy. At least we think so. But, it also represents our four core beliefs. These are the principles that drive everything we do:

Principle #1: Remote work is the future, and every organization can eventually go 100% remote.

We believe this so strongly that we do it ourselves: Panther is a fully-remote and asynchronous company. We want our teammates to work where they’re happiest and most productive. Not where we tell them they have to work.

Principle #2: A good remote-first organization is more than video conferencing and messaging apps

We are constantly building, rebuilding, and improving our Remote Stack: The tools we use to communicate, innovate, and keep in touch. It's a messy process, and we're always making mistakes, which is why we've decided to share what we've learned in a series of Playbooks

These playbooks reflect the best information we've been able to uncover about building truly great Remote Organizations. We believe that every business that wants to be ready for this future should read them.

Principle #3: The best talent is global, so we hire globally.

Our team is located across 12 countries, 5 continents, 8 time zones, and speaks 10 languages.

Principle #4: Simple, effective, transparent software development is important.

We want the tools we build to be the easiest to use on the market, and we want our users to take an active role in the process. This is why we make our release notes and feature roadmaps public. It’s also why we are developing systems to solicit even more feedback and integrate those insights into our development process. 

Panther is already pretty awesome––if you haven't seen it in action, take a look.

This is what the future holds

We’re still in the early innings here. Global, remote, and asynchronous work is evolving––and we don’t have all the answers. Nobody does. But we’re working on it.

Here’s how:

1. We want the Panther app to be the best on Earth. We want it to be even faster, more intuitive, and more highly automated. If we aren't the easiest solution on the planet for this problem, we aren't there yet.

2. We want every founder, every business leader, every HR department to see global talent as an option. We want to empower them to find the talent they need, wherever they happen to live.

3. We want to make remote, asynchronous work easier for everyone. We think remote can be better for both employees and organizations, and we plan to continue creating resources to make the transition as smooth as possible.

We are so proud of our team, what they've already done and what they will do in the future. We are so thankful to all the amazing organizations that have trusted us with their payroll and compliance. We are so grateful that we built this company when we did, in a world that's ready to truly rethink how we work.

In a world that is ready for revolution. 

So we hope you enjoy the new website. It's the first step on what we hope to be a long and exciting road.

See you soon––


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