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Hiring is hard, especially in a hybrid work world. Our Remote Work Playbook will help you build a better, more effective remote team. Download here.

Carter Mark
October 4, 2021

Imagine this. You’re hiring for a new position and your HR manager gives you two options:

  1. You can distribute your job posting to 50 people.
  2. You can distribute your job posting to 50,000 people.

It’s a no-brainer. If you want better talent, you’re going with the latter. 

Well, that’s what remote hiring is. It’s a framework that lets you hire anyone, anywhere. It breaks down the traditional barriers of hiring in one city and lets you access the global talent pool.

It’s not a fad: If widespread remote work were possible 20 years ago, it would’ve been the best solution then. 

But it’s only today, now that we have the tools to do it, that remote work has become an obvious choice. It’s not without its problems, though––going remote requires a new management style and an entirely new outlook on the way work gets done.

If you approach work like it’s a digital version of the office (and many companies do), you won’t find the success you’ve been promised. 

But we believe that hiring remotely, and globally, is the future of work. 

And we’re not alone:

But doesn’t remote work have obvious problems?

Yes. While the data is clear that people want to work remotely, it’s not all sunshine and roses. 98% of employees are frustrated with video calls at home and 40% of remote workers say that unplugging––creating that healthy work-life balance––is the biggest issue with remote. 

Here’s the thing. It’s possible to almost completely sidestep the big problems people have with remote; to get rid of the bad while keeping the good. This leads to a world where remote work is a superpower for your team: It inspires a happier culture, better work, and better talent. 

But if you do it wrong, you’ll end up with a mismatched, unhappy, and unproductive team.

There’s good news: Avoiding the wrong and implementing the right is easy. You just need the right systems. 

Now, download Panther’s Remote Work Playbook, and let’s walk through current best practices for remote teams.

You’ll learn everything we know about building great teams, globally and remote.

We’ll cover:

  1. Why remote work is the future
  2. The pillars of a good remote team 
  3. The remote vs. hybrid debate 
  4. Hiring a remote team
  5. Managing your remote team 
  6. Scaling your remote team

Let’s get started. Download Panther’s Remote Work Playbook here

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