Hiring contractors with Panther could save you time and money over traditional EOR services

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You’ve probably been told

You need an Employer of Record service, like Deel or Remote, to hire your global team. That might not be true.

To their credit, companies like Deel and Remote have built excellent Employer-of-Record products. They’re popular for hiring teams of full-time employees overseas.

What you probably haven’t been told

You may be able to hire your team as contractors instead, saving yourself thousands of dollars 💰 and countless hours 🕛.

That’s why we built Panther:

The contractor hiring & payroll platform designed specifically for global teams.

Hiring with an EOR

Can take weeks to get started
Expensive, normally $500+/employee/month
Country-specific employer responsibilities (healthcare, benefits)
Often require you to sign long exclusivity contracts
Lengthy, burdensome paperwork

Hiring with Panther

Get onboarded in minutes
Start for $0, then $49 / contractor / month
Little to no mandated employer responsibilities
No exclusivity contracts—start and stop whenever
Simple, locally-compliant contracts & automated tax forms

This all sounds great… But what about misclassification? Aren’t I putting my company at risk?

Probably not—misclassification risks are normally overstated.

Truth is, if you’re hiring remote talent overseas, they’re probably better classified as contractors, anyway. Typical employer-employee methods—like time tracking, designated work hours, and employer-provided equipment—are rare for remote teams.

Panther is your easier, faster, smarter platform for global hiring.

We’re your home base for compliantly hiring, paying, and managing contractors—anywhere in the world. So you can build a great team without spending time & money on messy solutions you might be better off without.

It takes 2 minutes to get started, for free—no credit card required.

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