With Panther, you can onboard contractors in 150+ countries in minutes. Start for free.

Hiring and paying contractors shouldn't be so complex. Panther lets you manage contractors––in 1 or 100 countries––with single-click payroll, locally-compliant contracts and a simple invoicing system.

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Why panther?

Panther makes it easy to manage contractors in more than 150 countries. Here’s how:

Pay your entire global team in their preferred currency with a single-click.

Whether your contractors are in Nigeria or Los Angeles, you can can pay them all in their preferred currency with a single-click. We'll handle invoicing and currency conversions.

View and manage all of your invoices from inside of Panther's platform.

Managing international contractors used to be a multi-tool, multi-platform headache. Not with Panther. When you hire contractors using Panther, you’ll be able to view and manage all of their invoices from one place.

Generate locally-compliant contracts, ready to sign.

Every country has different laws about hiring contractors. When you use Panther, each and every contract is locally-compliant in whichever country you’re hiring in. So you know that everything is always above-board.

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