With Panther, you can onboard contractors in 150+ countries in minutes. Start for free.

Hiring and paying contractors shouldn't be so complex. Panther lets you manage contractors––in 1 or 100 countries––with single-click payroll, locally-compliant contracts and a simple invoicing system.

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Why panther?

Panther does the legal prep work so you can hire & manage contractors in more than 100 countries. Here’s how:

Panther generates locally-compliant contracts–all you need to do is sign.

Local labor laws change wildly between countries. That’s what Panther is for: We’ll take care of the legal red tape to make sure that every hire you make is fully-compliant.

You can view and manage your invoices, all from the Panther platform.

Managing international contractors used to be a multi-tool, multi-platform headache. Not with Panther. When you hire contractors using Panther, you’ll be able to view and manage all of their invoices from one place.

You’ll never have to worry about legal red tape again.

Every country has different laws about hiring contractors. When you use Panther, each and every contract is locally-compliant in whichever country you’re hiring in. So you know that everything is always above-board.

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