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Hiring and paying your international contractors shouldn’t be stressful, which is why we built Panther, a simpler way to manage global payroll and compliance. Hit the button below to explore the platform, and discover how Panther can help you build your dream team.

Why panther?

With Panther, you can hire and pay people across borders, with a lot less paperwork.

Hiring across borders can be really difficult, but with Panther, you can:

Hire international contractors in 100+ countries.

Get those people up and running quickly.

Pay your entire global team in one click.

Add stipends to keep your team happy.

Most importantly, you can do all that without having to worry about local compliance, currency conversions, or invoice organization. Panther does the complicated stuff––you get to focus on hiring the team you want, regardless of their location.

Who’s Panther built for?

Fully-remote teams.

Many of our customers are fully-remote teams, distributed across the world. They use Panther so they can manage their onboarding, payroll, compliance from a single platform. It saves them hours of work each month and helps them stay organized.

Partially-remote teams.

Some of our customers have a physical HQ somewhere, but they like to hire independent contractors around the globe. These customers use Panther so they can bypass lengthy compliance and payroll obstacles when they find a great international candidate they’d like to hire.

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