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A seamless way to pay your global team

Panther makes paying your global team faster and easier. With one-click payroll, compliant contracts, and automated invoicing you can focus on hiring the team you want, no matter where they live.

Why panther?

Hire and pay people across borders, with a lot less paperwork.

  • Make international hires in weeks, not months.
  • Pay your entire global team in one click.
  • Provide benefits, like healthcare.
  • Add stipends to keep your team happy.
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“It’s made it 10X easier for us to hire anywhere”
Alex MacCaw, Co-Founder Clearbit

Who’s Panther built for?

Fully-remote teams.

Many of our customers are fully-remote teams, distributed across the world. They use Panther so they can manage their onboarding, payroll, compliance from a single platform. It saves them hours of work each month and helps them stay organized.

Partially-remote teams.

Some of our customers have a physical HQ somewhere, but they like to hire independent contractors around the globe. These customers use Panther so they can bypass lengthy compliance and payroll obstacles when they find a great international candidate they’d like to hire.