The easiest way for your clients to hire & pay you.

Panther’s the platform that makes it easy for clients to hire you as a contractor—no matter where you live. We make payroll, contracts, and invoicing easy so that life is sweet for both you and your client.

Panther solves all your biggest freelancing problems, like…

  • “I can’t get access to health insurance because I’m a contractor”

  • “I don’t even have a contract with this client”

  • “They’re in a different country and don’t want to hire me because of compliance”

  • “Why are my clients paying me on like three separate apps”

Getting hired with Panther

Get auto-generated invoices each month

Get paid in your currency of choice

Use our locally-compliant contracts for wherever you live

Get exclusive access to sign up for global health insurance

Getting hired without Panther

Create your own invoices manually

Get paid in the currency your client is comfortable paying in

Write your own contracts—or rely on your client for them

You’re on your own for health insurance

See Panther for yourself

Want to show Panther to your clients?

It takes just 5 minutes for your client(s) to get started with Panther. If they sign up, payroll and invoicing will be a lot easier for them, and you'll likely get paid a bit faster as well. It will cost them just $49 a month per contractor, which is far less expensive than EOR solutions.

So why not send them to our Explore Platform page, where they can watch a short video showing exactly how Panther works. If you like, you could also email them by clicking the button below and copying the text into your favorite email client.

Hope everything is going well,

It would be great if we could work together using Panther. It's a faster, easier way to hire and pay your global team. With Panther you never have to worry about global compliance, invoicing, or currency conversions. Click hereto see it in action.

All the best.

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