Panther lets you assemble a work-from-anywhere dream team.

Without all the red tape.

We created Panther so that you have the tools to hire, pay, and run a team in this new world of work.

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The fact that Panther is very startup-friendly just made the decision of working with them a lot easier.
Craig Hunter
Founder at Dwelling

Distributed teams are the future, but…

…they’re extremely hard to build. And you know this. So, hiring remote is how you create an organization that’s built for today’s way of working. We built Panther to be your golden ticket to hiring & paying people across the world.

The platform is built with you in mind*

*This is not hyperbole. Panther isn’t a multi-billion-dollar corporation hunting for your bank account and a kiss goodnight. It’s a small platform, started by two friends (Matt & Vasil) who wanted a better way to hire, pay, and run a remote team.

We save your brain from logistics hell.

Hiring & paying a remote team on your own is kind of like signing your brain away to the devil. It requires a lot of mental energy. Panther takes care of those headaches for you––so you can focus on building the team you want.

There are some things that never change...

…like the sun rising in the morning, good hugs from people you love, the way you crave ice cream on a hot summer day.

The way we work is not one of those things.
You know as well as I do that people want more flexibility in how they work. Like the industrial revolution or Steve Jobs announcing the iPhone, this is a big change in the way we do things.

(It’s a good change, by the way. People are happier. They really do want this.)
But there’s this funny myth that remote work is just a cute perk. Like an office pizza party. Unlike that pizza party, though, building a remote organization is a perk for you. That’s because it lets you hire anywhere.
Senegal, Indonesia, downtown New York City: You get the best people, no matter where they are. And you’ll build an organization that thrives in the batshit-crazy world we live in.

That’s the stuff everyone talks about.
What they don’t mention is that actually doing this means you have to find a way to hire and pay and manage people when they’re not just across the street. Which is hard.
So we built Panther.

Look, some things never change––but we do. Panther is the platform that will grow with you in this new world. So you always have the tools you need to build that A-list team for both today and the future.
– Matt, CEO

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