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Work for the company of your dreams while we handle the tricky bits of international employment, so it's easy peasy for everyone.

Don’t choose between your job and happy place.

People are the backbone of every company, and we want to help them take advantage of the unique opportunities that come their way.

That's why Panther makes it possible for employees to live the life they want, anywhere in the world, without having to walk away from a job they love.

Worry-free employment.

Our one-stop platform makes it so your company can hire you, compliantly, in over 160+ countries. The whole process takes a matter of hours. That’s the magic of global, automated, HR.

Get paid on time, every time, in your currency.

We put payroll on auto-pilot. Automated payments guarantee that you get the right amount, on the dot, every time -- without delays or errors.

Benefits that work.

We shape our benefits packages to meet your needs. From private medical, dental, and vision insurance, to paid holidays and more, we comply with local laws to ensure you stay productive, healthy, and protected.

Are you an employee disguised as a Contractor?

Getting hired as a Contractor when you’re legally an Employee can result in serious trouble for you and your firm. It can also be overwhelming setting up your Contractor business while remaining compliant. Panther can help you navigate this landscape.

With Panther, you become the employee you were always meant to be.

Common questions people have about getting employed with Panther

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Are you an employer?

We can help you access the talent pool of the entire world and handle all the tricky bits.

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