Employ across borders without setting up foreign entities.

Panther lets you hire people, automate their payroll, and give them benefits in more than 100 countries. And you can do it all without setting up a single foreign entity or wasting months figuring out local labor laws.

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Why panther?

Teams that use Panther save 6+ months and ~$80k in each new country they hire in. Here’s how:

We handle all the legal red tape. So you can hire the best person for the job in 100+ countries.

With Panther, hiring across borders no longer costs thousands and takes months to set up. We handle the legal red tape so you can hire the best person for the job in more than 100 countries.

Set global payroll on auto-pilot without worrying about currency or compliance.

Paying your global team with Panther is dead-simple: You make one payment in the currency of your choice, and your team gets paid in their own preferred currency. You won’t spend a minute worrying about currency conversions or payroll compliance.

Keep your team happy by offering benefits, like healthcare and remote work stipends.

Our partnerships give you access to top-shelf healthcare plans for your team. And, there are more than a dozen stipend types you can offer your employees on a monthly or one-time basis.

See how you can hire remote, international employees with Panther

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