Hire a global team. Make more sales.

Do it without wasting time or $$$.

We handle the tricky part of remote hiring. So you can build a sales team that has speed & local trust, around the world.

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No more “what-if” leads. Just more, real, global customers.

You like to imagine that you can close every lead on the planet. But you can’t. Not if your team is all in one place. One reason? Teams who respond to a lead within 1 hour are 60X more likely to convert than teams who respond 24 hours later. So if your team’s in NY and the lead is in Singapore… Tough luck.

A sales team that works 24-7. With local speed and trust.

There’s another reason it’s hard to convert global customers: You don’t have local trust. People are more likely to work with someone local than someone foreign (and you damn well know this). How do you get around that? You build a team that works in the places your customers live.

Hiring global sales talent is a headache

(without Panther).

You’ve heard it from HR a dozen times: Hiring people internationally is hard. So we built Panther to handle the tricky parts of employing people globally. Things like paperwork, compliance, and payroll. You get to focus on building the best sales team in the world.

What if I’m already hiring globally?

At some point, most teams do. If you’re already there, Panther lets you employ all your people in one place. No more compliance worries. And you get to pay everyone, at once, in one click. In the currency of their choice.

Build the sales team your competitors wish they had

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