Run the best distributed team in the world

They say magicians don’t tell their secrets. It’s a good thing we don’t care what they say. In this playbook, you’ll learn exactly what both employers and employees should be doing to create a great working environment, remotely.

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One afternoon of reading = a happier, more productive team

This playbook is a beast to wrangle––it’s more than six thousand words. You can read it in an afternoon over a cup of coffee. And, by the time you’re done reading each of those words (or skimming them, because you know that’s what you’ll do anyway), you’ll have an actionable roadmap for running a more productive, happier distributed team.

Your team will enjoy this, too. Half of the playbook is dedicated to things that employees can be doing to improve in a distributed, remote setting.

What you’ll learn in this playbook

The four pillars of a great distributed team

Managing a distributed, remote team relies on four pillars. We’ll cover them in this playbook, section by section. At the end, you’ll have a roadmap for building out a better organizational structure.

How to manage a distributed team properly

Most problems that stem from remote work are because of poor management. This playbook will teach you how to avoid those problems.

What your team should be doing on their own

Half of running a great remote team is making sure your team has the tools they need. So, half of this playbook is dedicated to just that––we’ll give actionable advice and goals for employees to shoot for.