Panther handles the complicated part of remote employment.

So you can work with the world’s best.

Our platform lets you multiply your talent pool by employing a distributed, global team.

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You’re hiring in a swimming pool. Why not try the ocean?

Today, hiring good talent is complicated. It might be because you’re casting a small net: 7X more people apply to remote job listings. Which is to say that people don’t want to return to the old way of working. Remote hiring is the thing that takes you from “hiring is hard” to “OK, we’re drowning in great applicants”.

…but it’s more complicated to hire everywhere.

Most teams pay $$$ and spend years figuring out how to hire people remotely. Legal problems, management questions, payroll issues: It’s harder to hire remotely, and you likely already know that. So Panther handles the tricky stuff (like payroll and compliance) to let you focus on working with the best people.

It’s a platform built specifically for distributed, remote teams.

Two years ago, our founder, Matt, was trying to connect brilliant former teammates with promising startups. But these teammates lived all over the world, and nobody would hire them. He founded Panther to change that.

We’re building Panther because we believe in a new way of working. Which means that every feature you’ll use is built specifically for a new world of work.

Hire and pay a first-class, global team.

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