Hire international contractors in a couple of clicks

Panther makes it easy to hire and pay anyone, anywhere. With our international payroll solution, you can stop worrying about local tax laws and focus on growing your business.

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Hiring contractors in another country is complicated. It doesn’t need to be.

Hiring international contractors allows you to choose the right person for the job, no matter where they live. But tax laws? Those get complicated. 

Until now. 

With Panther, you can hire and onboard contractors from around the world, then pay them in their local currency with the click of a button. We handle compliance so you don't have to.

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Wait, how does Panther work?

Hiring an international contractor is a complex process. Local tax laws are hard to follow, making it time-consuming and risky to hire international contractors on your own.

That's where Panther comes in. 

We have a network of more than 160+ global entities. When you hire an international contractor, Panther serves as the Employer of Record (EOR.) This means that, on paper, we employ them. In practice, we just handle payment processing and benefits — the contractor works for you. 

We make it easy to hire and pay contractors no matter where they live so you can focus on what really matters — whether that's writing your sales copy or crafting code for the next big social media app.

Why choose Panther to hire your contractors?

One-Click Global Payment

Pay international contractors in their local currency with one click using our auto-generated invoices.

Stay Legally Compliant

Panther takes care of tax and legal issues so you're always compliant, no matter who you hire or where they live.

Easy Contractor Onboarding

Hiring international contractors used to take weeks. With Panther, you can onboard new contractors in minutes.

We give you access to top talent in more than 160 countries for a fraction of the cost.

Ready to hire international contractors?

Panther makes it easy to hire contractors, anywhere — here’s how it works:

Step 1: Create a simple, fixed-rate contract

You can set up a fixed, recurring contract in a couple of clicks. You can define the contract name, scope, start date, end date, as well as the recurring payment rate and the date of payment.

Step 2: Send and sign the contract in a single click 
Once you’ve reviewed the details of the contract, you can send it to your contractor in seconds. You can sign in a single click.

Step 3: Pay all invoices in one click 
One contractor? One click. One hundred contractors? Still one click. And they’ll receive payment in the currency of their choice.

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