Pay all your contractors in a click. Anywhere in the world.

Global teams use Panther to pay all their contractors at once, in more than 150+ currencies. No more fiddling with wire transfers, invoices, and currency conversions—Panther does it all. You just click.


Run international payroll with a click.

With Panther, you’ll be running payroll for your whole team of contractors in the time it takes to say “wow, that was easy.” Maybe faster. It’s contractor payroll the way you’ve always dreamed of: It’s one click.

Our solution

Get auto-generated invoices, stored in one place.

The days of chasing down invoices and tax documents are long over. Panther auto-generates the invoices and documentation you need and stores it all conveniently on-platform. At your fingertips, whenever you need it.

Why Panther

Save on fees and exchange rates.

The old way, paying your contractors across the world meant navigating a sewer of bad exchange rates and complicated fees. Not with Panther. We won’t charge you a cent in fees, no matter where you’re making payments—and you won’t have to sweat exchange rates, either.

Panther feels like magic, but you don’t need to take it from us

“Panther feels kind of like a cheat code: It’s made it 10X easier for us to hire anywhere, without worrying about compliance or payments. We’re now able to hire and pay people from Brazil to Hungary in seconds. Dream come true.”

Alex MacCaw
Co-Founder Clearbit

We didn’t spend a second thinking about the legal complexity. Panther took care of everything.

Aaron Froug
CEO of Grifin

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Pay your global team in seconds. We do the heavy lifting.

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