Learn how to close more leads, globally

Sales is about speed and trust. Unfortunately, most businesses aren’t very good at either. In this guide, you’ll learn how to take control of the conversation––and why you need a global team. You can get your copy in less than 10 seconds. Just hit the button below.

Global revenue teams are a superpower*

*Usually, the word “superpower” in marketing is reserved for cheesy marketing about things that are, most definitely, not superpowers. This is different.

Most small-to-medium businesses don’t have global revenue teams. As a result, they lose out on global leads to large organizations that have resources all over the world. But today, that’s different––it’s easier than ever to build revenue teams, anywhere. In this guide, you’ll learn some hard facts about why you need global revenue teams, and how you can realistically hire them.

What you’ll learn in this guide

Why you need global revenue teams, by the numbers

We’ll walk you through key statistics that explain how you can make huge gains by controlling the conversation.

The specific superpowers of global revenue teams

There are four key pillars that are in reach as soon as you hire global revenue teams. We’ll explain what each of them are.

Your options for hiring global revenue people

Hiring globally can be a pain. We’ll walk you through the main options, as well as the easiest way to expand your global revenue teams––fast.