A guide to working better while remote

Remote work can be stressful, but this playbook will help. In it, you’ll find our best insights on productivity, avoiding overwork, and great communication (and, a lot more)

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Most people are doing remote work the wrong way

Remote work changes the way you can live:

  • 1 office -> 1,000 cafés, parks, and coworking spaces
  • 1 city -> Anywhere in the world
  • 9-to-5 -> Whenever you work best

But it’s not easy. Many remote workers end up overworking, which means more anxiety and less time for life. It shouldn’t be that way, though. With the right frameworks, remote work increases your opportunities more than almost anything else.

What you’ll learn in this playbook

1) How to work less and get more done.

We’ll teach you how to leverage the systems of people like Hemingway and Darwin to get more work done while often working fewer hours than you would in a 9-to-5.

2) How to think about deep work and busy work.

Busy work is the enemy of deep work. In this playbook, we’ll define both, and give you systems for organizing your days well.

3) How to avoid, or stop, overwork.

This is the biggest problem faced by remote workers. We’ll teach you how to wave goodbye to overwork.

4) How to create the right conditions for good work.

We’ll give you the best tips from our own team on creating the conditions for A-list work.

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